Singapore street food

Smartphones have opened up the world to everyone to snap away and take pictures. I have to admit I'm not really a phone-picture-taker nor for that matter am I part of the growing band of street photographers. That said I like taking pictures, so the street or rather the outside presents a great resource.


Last month whilst visiting Singapore I managed to catch this guy working in the heat and humidity cooking in one of the many street food markets. He was in a haze of steam and I just snapped it. Lucky shot I think.


Over the coming months I'm planning to show on this page a small selection of photos that I consider to be interesting images. By themselves, just snapping people in the street can be and often is, just that. Street photography is more and it has to be much more than just images of people in the street and in any situation - that's just an image, nice or not. That's not the point.


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