Are you looking for a photographer for your wedding in Provence ?

France is diverse & multi-faceted, with lush vineyards and cozy villages giving way to dazzling Mediterranean beaches and world-class cities. And with a history dating back to the middle ages, it’s impossible to miss the numberless icons. Whether you care to drink champagne in an ancient cellar or visit a château, the legendary romance and storied history of France never feels trite. It rolls rather effortlessly into everyday life. Village bakers here really do craft their baguettes by hand every morning, shoes are made by artisans, and dinners are leisurely, pleasurable affairs. It’s this thoughtfulness and sense of tradition, when pushed against modern France that makes a visit so spellbinding. France is incomplete without the star power of its effortlessly cool and romantic capital, Paris or for that matter Provence, so if your planning your wedding - get in touch.

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