IGLTA and what it means

The International Gay & Lesbian Travel Association is the world's leading global travel network dedicated to connecting and educating LGBTQ travelers and the businesses that welcome and support them along the way. Whether it's for individual, group, corporate, or student travel, IGLTA have affiliates in the world's most sought after locations offering the most competitive packages for perfect vacations.


IGLTA was founded in 1983 by gay and lesbian travel agents and now operates in 80+ countries on all six inhabited continents. IGLTA provide all members who join the IGLTA community the opportunity to customize their travel experience and share it with others through planning tools, trip ideas, events and travel deals from LGBTQ tourism-related businesses.


Why is that important for me? First and foremost it's a resource enabling me to open up all the activities I'm offering to a broad yet niche travel market audience and yes it's really important to recognise diversity and equality at all levels, after all we've fought hard for acceptance & equality so don't underestimate it's value and what it means. It of course has little if anything to do with who I am - it has all to do with catering for the needs and aspirations of discerning travellers across the globe and looking to travel here to the South of France. IGLTA opens up for me the opportunities to promote myself to in-bound travel business from the USA (Florida, California & New York) Canada (Toronto and Montréal) and other principle English speaking countries that include parts of the Middle East, China, Asia and Australia. So yes I'm super happy to have been accepted by IGLTA.


IGLTA enables me to build tour & travel related activities around the theme of photography, be that workshops, customised tour itineraries, private escorted tours as well as vacation shoots and all other aspects related to creating perfect vacations for discerning travellers. Having worked for many years in the hotel & leisure industry and marketing communications - my now (third career) incorporates all of that, but with photography & capturing the special moments at it's core. And for that I'm both grateful and honoured to have my business associated IGLTA. Here then is the link to my listing - take a look, please pass on your recommendations, and feel free to share. My objective is that we become the number one English/French speaking in-bound travel organisation for the Marseille - Provence travel region and why not indeed.

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