Camp des Milles - holocaust memorial site

A surviving witness for the lost witnesses. The Camp des Milles houses a large history museum with a strong focus on education and culture. Founded on the history surrounding the place, the museum's action aims to increase the vigilance and responsibility of each of us in the face of racism, anti-Semitism and fanaticism of every kind. Keeping alive the memory and history of the Holocaust and the genocide crimes committed against Armenians, Gypsies and Tutsis, as well as the resistance to these crimes. Drawing on the scientific research that might help us understand the individual and collective processes that engendered such crimes, but also the capacities that allow people to fight back. A place protected by 30 years of community action. In late 2012, the Memorial was opened to the public along with an original thought-provoking tour through the site aimed at understanding our past. A landmark for our society today and tomorrow. The visit explores the history to understand the mass roundup in the south of France before the German occupation and the threats that escalated across Europe between 1919 & 1939 delve into the history of Vichy, the internment camps and the holocaust.

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