It's really ok, not to like pastis

In a vain effort to make a drink of 'pastis' much more palatable,  I once said to the server in a local bar “I’ll have it with Perier svp”. I would not recommend you try it. Not because it doesn't improve the drink (in my opinion it did/does), but because it's just not how it’s done.  No reason given except to understand - it's just like that.


Pastis on the other hand is a little like Marseille  - you either love it or you don’t. For my part I can’t say I love it,  but I do like the city.  I'm often asked 'do you love Marseille?' and my usual answer is no, not really. There's no sinister reason,  it's very easy to love the region of Provence, that includes Marseille, but Marseille on its own is another question – but in fact yes I really do like living here for all sorts of reasons, but love Marseille? Well that's just a bit too much to commit to, for now at least.


I can talk about four or five cities and places I do love – London for example, my hometown - not because it's where I’m from, but because the city is one huge metropolis just like New York (do I love New York? well yes kind of.) I love Paris for sure – it’s one of the most beautiful cities in the world. I love it for all kinds of reasons, but I've never lived there, nor NY and maybe yes, that is the point.  Early last year I visited Hong Kong and immediately ‘fell in love’ – the craziness, vibrancy, the culture. HK is awesome.


Love and Like for me is something between having a really nice meal and experiencing a 'gastronomic feast' - the latter being somewhat of a rarity; a bit like saying I like Marseille, but actually, no I don't love it. Over time I may grow to love it, just like the region itself, but it's this that is unique about living in France.  Such enormous diversity and in reality, so much to both love and to like

Anyway for no other good reason than me showing a few photographs from across the region as a whole - here goes and my apologies again about the pastis – who knows, I may one day get to like (love) that too!