initiation de street photographie

Explorez Le Panier et développez votre créativité dans la photographie de rue. Nous rechercherons des angles de vue intéressants incluant des personnes, du street art et des bâtiments historiques. Surmontez l'hésitation que vous pourriez avoir à prendre des photos dans la rue et à améliorer votre composition, passez une matinée à explorer et à vous amuser. Venez avec votre smartphone ou votre appareil photo.
Tarif - 10€/personne. Reservation Obligatoire 07 81 03 05 58 ou par MP Christopher Curtis Photography. RDV - 16 rue du Refuge 13002, Marseille. Reserve ici.


'tea & cake' chez nous



walking tours and taking pictures ...

experiences with airbnb

currently there are two and soon there will be four ...

view on the bridge

all set for a busy year

Cette année être riche en événements - Lire la suite ... This year is set to be a busy one - Read more ...

new work - limited edition prints

airbnb - the experience

Live life like a local or rather - experience life as a local. There are currently two exclusive experiences listed with Airbnb, one for Aix and the other for Marseille. The good news is that there will soon be two more! Just finalising the details with Airbnb and then bingo!

bonne année and all that jazz

Instagram recently asked people to create their best nine images - so I showed nine sets of nine which was an impossible choice. Last year was a great year for travel and photo-taking. The year began in Singapore, Hong Kong and Dubai, then Paris and Venice - so some seriously great material ot there to capture. We developed more experiences with Airbnb (more being added to the schedule later in January) and workshop visitors came from Canada, the United States, Germany, UK, Spain, Portugal, and Italy! And with this being an all-year activity, looking forward to meeting many more from around the globe including France of course. Happy New Year - Bonne Année 2018!

"colliding worlds" exhibition

galerie 16 rue du refuge, 13002 marseille

A series of new works that explore the similarities that exist in other cultures across the world. We tend to think the internet makes the world appear smaller and brings people closer together - in reality it only appears to. Things we think are unique to us are infact common to other people & places regardless. The first of three parts of this series explores three different cities with similarities. The same but different, perhaps.

something new is coming to Le Panier

Galerie et studio d'art plastique et de photographie -
service d'hébergement d'activité pour artistes et créatifs.
Art gallery - art & photography studio -

business hosting services for artists and creatives.

16 rue du Refuge dans Le Panier à Marseille un nouvel espace dédié a l'art et la photographie - une galerie d'art et de photographie ainsi qu'un atelier de peinture, un espace créé pour aider les créatifs à établir leur pratique en commençant par un service d'hébergement pour artistes et créateurs.

16 rue du Refuge la galerie montrera les œuvres de l'artiste Laurent Nurisso et au fil du temps le travail d'artistes invités ainsi que les projets photographiques de Christopher Curtis. La galerie offrira des œuvres d'art originales, des linogravures et photographies en édition limitée.

16 rue du Refuge est un espace convivial, ouvert du mercredi au dimanche, entre studio, galerie, salle de classe où vous pouvez venir simplement prendre un café, parler d'un projet où prendre des cours de dessin et de peinture. Nous espérons que le 16 rue du Refuge qui ouvrira ses portes
début décembre, deviendra au fil du temps, une partie intégrante de la communauté locale du Panier et de la scène artistique locale.

16 rue du Refuge in Marseille's Le Panier district is new - an atelier/studio for painting & photography; a gallery & meeting space to assist creatives establish their practice. Working across all creative disciplines, art, photography, design & new media, beginning with a simple business hosting service.

16 rue du Refuge gallery space will show works by artist Laurent Nurisso and (over time) guest artist’s work alongside photo projects created by photographer Christopher Curtis. The gallery will offer original artworks, limited edition photography, cards & prints.

16 rue du Refuge is a convivial space, open Wednesday through Sunday with emphasis on being able to just drop in for a coffee and a chat - a sounding board and stepping stone for creative people, an art gallery, a classroom and a studio all rolled into one. We’re hoping 16 rue du Refuge, opening in December becomes an
integral part of the local art scene and part of the local community in Le Panier.


Laurent Nurisso 07 81 03 05 58
Christopher Curtis 06 51 80 76 55

Art and the American Motorcycle

Thursday evening last week was a double-plus for me. First I get to take photographs in a Harley-Davidson showroom and not only is it full of all-new 2018 anniversary models, but the concession Harley-Davidson Massilia is also featuring a superb selection of contemporary figuartive art from Marseille based artist - Laurent Nurisso.

Still in love with Hong Kong

Why I love Hong Kong

Hong Kong has a complexity that defies definition. It's the only place where you can be searching for colonial military relics near the Chinese border, lunch with a Buddhist at a Sikh temple, try to decipher the aesthetics of Chinese Revival architecture, or splurging on a shopping spree – all within five hours – followed by a night of Cantonese opera, karaoke or poetry, anywhere you choose. Hong Kong is so intense.

Winter 2017/18 schedule is here

Winter/Hiver 2017 - 2018
The weekly schedule is here from 6 November 2017 to 1 April 2018 / Voici le calendrier du 6 novembre 2017 à 1 avril 2018
Winter 17-18 tour timetable.doc
Microsoft Word Document 39.5 KB

EN: All our photography tours are available to book throughout the year - this is not a summer only activity. The colours, light & near endless sunshine make these visits even more enjoyable outside of the summer season. Autumn & winter here in Provence is spectacular. For this reason we've just added new experiences to our programme of things to do right through until the summer starts again next year. Whether you want to enjoy small intimate guided visits over a half or full-day here in Marseille, Aix-en-Provence or anywhere in this beautiful region - there's a lot of choice.

FR: Toutes nos balades photographiques peuvent être réservées à l'année  - ce n'est pas qu'une activité estivale! Les couleurs, la lumière et un soleil omniprésent rendent ces visites encore plus agréables en dehors de la belle saison. L'automne et l'hiver en Provence sont spectaculaires. Pour cette raison, nous avons simplement ajouté de nouvelles expériences à notre programme jusqu'au début de l'été prochain. Que vous souhaitiez profiter de petites visites guidées intimes sur une demi-journée où une journée complète à Marseille, Aix-en-Provence où ailleurs dans cette belle région - vous avez le choix.

Camp des Milles - holocaust memorial site

A surviving witness for the lost witnesses. The Camp des Milles houses a large history museum with a strong focus on education and culture. Founded on the history surrounding the place, the museum's action aims to increase the vigilance and responsibility of each of us in the face of racism, anti-Semitism and fanaticism of every kind. Keeping alive the memory and history of the Holocaust and the genocide crimes committed against Armenians, Gypsies and Tutsis, as well as the resistance to these crimes. Drawing on the scientific research that might help us understand the individual and collective processes that engendered such crimes, but also the capacities that allow people to fight back. A place protected by 30 years of community action. In late 2012, the Memorial was opened to the public along with an original thought-provoking tour through the site aimed at understanding our past. A landmark for our society today and tomorrow. The visit explores the history to understand the mass roundup in the south of France before the German occupation and the threats that escalated across Europe between 1919 & 1939 delve into the history of Vichy, the internment camps and the holocaust.

Your probably not going to like Marseille

A lot of people will tell you not to visit Marseille, you'll hear from them that it's dirty, worn and downright dangerous - well just don't listen!  It may be the city of the French Connection, but there's a lot more to Marseille than just mere rumours. Firstly it's a port city with a long heritage of immigration, people have been coming here for more than 2000 years, making it the oldest city in France. During WWII and under the Nazi occupation, Marseille was to France what Casablanca was to Morocco. It was the gateway for people trying to escape and a centre for the resistance that was fighting for the people. And for that reason one half of Le Panier district was destroyed in January 1943 by the occupying armies. Further back you discover no coincidence the French national anthem is called the Marseillaise. The Marseillaise was in fact a revolutionary song, an anthem to freedom, a patriotic call to mobilize citizens and fight tyranny and foreign invasion. Adopted as the republic’s anthem in 1795, acquiring its nickname after being sung in Paris by volunteers from Marseille marching to the capital. In the 1960's and after the crisis in Algeria, Marseille became the home port for people from former French colonies as well as those fleeing wars seeking refuge. So yes - Marseille is a city whose habitants have mostly all found home here over time and for a variety of reasons.  For all this Marseille is today - a vibrant city, a mix of nationalities, backgrounds, cultures that make it the diverse and colourful city it is. And having spent most of my adult life living in big cities (London) for me multiculturalism is what makes a city what it is and provides the city with its beating heart.  Marseille is in a way France's version of Napoli, but with an added touch of LA.  It may be hard to immediately fall in love, afterall this is not the Cote d'Azur, but take time and look under the surface, look beyond and who knows, you may well fall in love. I'm won't show you images of coastline, sea and sunshine (we have that too) I hope to show you images that demonstrate the best that the other side of this city has to offer and through the eyes of the people in the street that call it home. Look beyond the cracks in the paintwork and you'll find one of the most interesting cities in France to visit.  If your a couple or an individual traveller wanting to explore - why not join me on one of my photo excursions to discover the real Marseille.  There's a lot out there, trust me ...

there is still time to enjoy provence

There is still time to enjoy Provence ... ce sont des ateliers d'une journée complète incluant le transport à votre hôtel à Marseille ou Aix-en-Provence et un délicieux déjeuner de saison. Nous vous ramenons à votre hôtel à temps pour votre soirée. What's keeping you?

Lourmarin et les villages de la Luberon

Sunday 3 September / Dimanche 3 Septembre

If you are fond of rural architecture you will be spoilt for choice in the Luberon, where almost countless villages and hamlets have been built, centuries ago, on the numerous hills which characterise the region. First stop is Lourmarin, we have time to explore the villages before a relaxed and leisurely lunch before heading across to visit Bonnieux, La Coste and Ménerbes.

Five of the most beautiful villages in France, nestle in the hills of the Luberon. Lourmarin, Ansouis, Ménerbes, Rousillon and Gordes - all picture perfect postcard villages. Closeby the Abbey of Sénanque whose lavender fields in summer time are pure Provence. This part of the region features hilltop villages, others lying alone a single slope and the village of Gordes that spreads itself across the top of a rocky outcrop. We propose an itineray that shows you all of this in one full day out.

Château La Coste & Aix-en-Provence

EN: Imagine a late summer or early autumn morning - your car arrives to pick you up and off you drive through the Provence countryside to arrive at Château La Coste, where modern art and architecture nestle within the rolling meadows of vines that grow against the backdrop of hillsides and forests. Pas mal no? Take a walk with your guide photographer through the park, capture each moment and be dazzled by the likes of Alexander Calder, Louise Bourgeois, Ai Weiwei & Tracey Emin, to name drop a few. Experience a place where great architects, Frank Gehry, Jean Nouvel, Tado Ando & Renzo Piano have created an overall ambiance unique within a vinyard setting that's both magical and hard to beat. Next enjoy a seasonal lunch around the lakeside in the Tado Ando restaurant (wine included of course!) A little wine-tasting then off to explore Aix-en-Provence's leafy boulevards and elegant public squares lined with 17th & 18th century mansions before heading back home. All this for just 195€ per person or 225€ with wine tasting included.

FR: Imaginez un matin à la fin de l'été ou au début de l'automne, votre voiture arrive pour vous conduire, à travers la campagne provençale, au Château La Coste où l'art moderne et l'architecture se nichent dans les vignes sur fonds de coteaux et de forêts. Pas mal , non? Promenez-vous avec votre guide photographe à travers le parc et émerveillez-vous avec Alexandre Calder, Louise Bourgeois, Ai Weiwei et Tracey Emin, pour n'en nommer que quelques-uns. Découvrez un endroit où de grands architectes, Frank Gehry, Jean Nouvel, Tado Ando et Renzo Piano ont créé une ambiance unique dans un cadre vinicole magique et difficile à surpasser. Ensuite, vous apprécierez un déjeuner saisonnier au bord du lac dans le restaurant Tado Ando (vin inclus bien sûr) suivie d'une petite dégustation de vin. Puis vous explorerez les boulevards feuillus d'Aix-en-Provence, d'élégantes places publiques bordées d'hôtels particuliers du XVIIème et XVIIIème siècles avant de retourner à votre hôtel. Tout cela pour seulement 195 € par personne ou 225€ avec dégustation de vin inclus.

IGLTA and what it means

The International Gay & Lesbian Travel Association is the world's leading global travel network dedicated to connecting and educating LGBTQ travelers and the businesses that welcome and support them along the way. Whether it's for individual, group, corporate, or student travel, IGLTA have affiliates in the world's most sought after locations offering the most competitive packages for perfect vacations.


IGLTA was founded in 1983 by gay and lesbian travel agents and now operates in 80+ countries on all six inhabited continents. IGLTA provide all members who join the IGLTA community the opportunity to customize their travel experience and share it with others through planning tools, trip ideas, events and travel deals from LGBTQ tourism-related businesses.


Why is that important for me? First and foremost it's a resource enabling me to open up all the activities I'm offering to a broad yet niche travel market audience and yes it's really important to recognise diversity and equality at all levels, after all we've fought hard for acceptance & equality so don't underestimate it's value and what it means. It of course has little if anything to do with who I am - it has all to do with catering for the needs and aspirations of discerning travellers across the globe and looking to travel here to the South of France. IGLTA opens up for me the opportunities to promote myself to in-bound travel business from the USA (Florida, California & New York) Canada (Toronto and Montréal) and other principle English speaking countries that include parts of the Middle East, China, Asia and Australia. So yes I'm super happy to have been accepted by IGLTA.


IGLTA enables me to build tour & travel related activities around the theme of photography, be that workshops, customised tour itineraries, private escorted tours as well as vacation shoots and all other aspects related to creating perfect vacations for discerning travellers. Having worked for many years in the hotel & leisure industry and marketing communications - my now (third career) incorporates all of that, but with photography & capturing the special moments at it's core. And for that I'm both grateful and honoured to have my business associated IGLTA. Here then is the link to my listing - take a look, please pass on your recommendations, and feel free to share. My objective is that we become the number one English/French speaking in-bound travel organisation for the Marseille - Provence travel region and why not indeed.

the good life - Lourmarin

One of the most beautiful villages in France, Lourmarin nestles in the middle of vinyards, olive groves and almond trees. It's what you imagine of Provence - you'll see Peter Mayle look-a-likes on most street corners, cafe's and bars. Anyway these images are a selection from last week's recce to finalise the 'route de Louberon' for this years excursions. (nice lunch too!) The Lubéron, tall cypress trees, shimmering meadows, small villages, remote valleys, fields of lavender, vinyards, almost daily local markets and a calmness and peacefulness that is sublime. The Lubéron - which runs for just over 50km between Cavaillon in the west and Manosque in the east - has always been a holiday retreat for well-to-do Parisians and the English in search of Peter Mayle's week or two in Provence and has always attracted a good number of artists & writers who flock to Lourmarin and the surrounding tiny villages. The region offers beautiful villas, boutique and luxury hotels, and guest houses and chambre-d'hotes, ideal for family holidays and quiet, relaxing getaways. It's on my doorstep, so I'm lucky to be there in just over an hour - here are a few souvenir photos from my last visit.  

Le Lubéron c'est les grands cyprès, les prairies ondulantes, les petits villages, les collines boisées, les champs de lavande, les vignobles, les marchés locaux et une tranquillité sublime. Le Lubéron - qui court pour un peu plus de 50 km entre Cavaillon et Manosque - a toujours été une retraite de vacances pour les Parisiens aisés et les Anglais à la recherche de Peter Mayle et de sa fameuse 'semaine en Provence' ... Elle attire de nombreux artistes & écrivains qui affluent sur Lourmarin et les petits villages environnants. La région offre de belles villas, des hôtels de charme et des maisons d'hôtes idéales pour des vacances familiales et des escapades sereines.

initiation à la photo / initiation to photography

Initiation à la photo - atelier de composition photographique pour améliorer votre créativité. Deux heures pour explorer le Fort St Jean à la recherche d'angles innovants et améliorer vos photos.Initiation to photography - a two hour workshop exploring the gardens of Fort St Jean in search of interesting angles to improve what you capture in your photos. It's all about the composition.

Vous comprenez les techniques de prise de vue et souhaitez maintenant apprendre des trucs pour composer vos images comme un pro, c'est le cours composition qu'il faut suivre.

Vous apprendrez
• Les règles de base de la composition
• Comment améliorer la dynamique des images
• Comment choisir vos cadrages
• Comment bien vous placer par rapport à votre sujet pour donner de la force à vos images

White Water

Fontaine de Vaucluse 2017

Limited Edition Prints are now available

Now available - each print is a SIGNED LIMITED EDITION - each of the photographs is a series of just 25 signed editions. Each is printed in a Mat finish high grade photographic paper. The print is rolled and sent to you in a tube and ready for you to frame in your own choice of frame.


'Voici quelques exemples de sa vision londonienne de Marseille à travers son objectif' ... I am super happy networking with and through On Poste En Anglais - les premiers en marketing digital à Marseille qui se focalise sur les interlocuteurs anglophones des réseaux sociaux. Vous voulez entrer en contact avec de potentiels clients anglophones? On Poste En Anglais pouvons vous aider. On Poste En Anglais utilise en anglais les réseaux sociaux les plus efficaces et adaptés le stratégie et le budget pour vous connecter à de nouveaux clients anglophones. En effet, une connexion peut devenir un client.


... and that's what life is all about ... join the networking revolution or keep you head in the sand.

Bienvenue à tous et à toutes à bord du Lab'

lets get talking ...

Après avoir découvert Aix-en-Provence autrement, mon nouvel objectif est de partir à la découverte de Marseille. J’ai beau vivre à seulement 30 minutes de la deuxième ville de France, il est très rare que je m’y rende. Il faut dire qu’Aix et Marseille c’est encore deux mondes bien distincts. Les Aixois ne vont pas souvent sur Marseille et vice-versa. Alors quand Zelasticket m’a proposé de tester des activités Marseillaise, j’ai sauté sur l’occasion. Parmi les activités proposées, mon choix s’est, très vite, arrêté sur les ateliers photographiques de Chris Curtis. Pour moi, ce fut l’occasion de découvrir Marseille autrement et d’arpenter les rues à la recherche de points de vues photographiques originaux. Une chouette façon d’allier apprentissage & plaisir. Words/Mots by lelabestelle 2017.

three little ports ... les Vallons

Marseille – les petits coins secrets et typiquement Marseillais. Cet atelier explore les maisons et les bateaux des pêcheurs aux couleurs vives, blottis dans un cadre inchangé depuis des siècles à deux pas de la ville. Le port le plus célèbre est le Vallon des Auffes, d’autres moins connus à proximité incluent Vallon de Malmousque et Vallon de la Fausse Monnaie, cette excursion vous permet de visiter les trois - d'explorer  l'histoire ancienne de la ville avec de beaux panoramas.

Marseille - the capacity to blend the old with the new. This workshop explores fishermen's cottages and brightly coloured fishing boats huddled together in a setting unchanged for centuries a stone's throw from the city. The most celebrated port is Vallon des Auffes , several other lesser-known creeks nearby include Vallon de Malmousque and Vallon de la Fausse Monnaie, this excursion enables you to visit all three and explore the early history of the city with great vistas.

reasons to be cheerful ...

ateliers de photographie - le panier Marseille

Découvrez la plus ancienne ville de France - Marseille. Prenez plaisir à rechercher de nouveaux angles et perspectives dans cette ville colorée et cosmopolite. La visite commence dans Le Panier, La Vielle Charité puis la cathédral de la Majou, Les Voûtes et les terrasses du MuCEM, de la Villa Méditerranée pour finir par les jardins du fort St Jean et une vue magnifique sur le vieux port de Marseille. Réserver ici.

ateliers de photographie/photography workshops

FR: Lancement le 23 avril, mes ateliers visent à être des aventures conçues non seulement pour vous guider vers les endroits les plus photogéniques mais aussi pour vous aider à visualiser une scéne avant de capturer le moment décisif. Mon objectif est de vous sensibiliser et d'éveiller votre créativité tout en vous amusant. Ces ateliers sont d'une demi-journée ou une journée à explorer Marseille et la région avec votre guide personnel et développez vos compétences photographiques. Nos groups sont petits pour maximiser le temps et donner une attention particulière à chacque participant.  EN: Launching the 23rd April, my workshops aim to be adventures designed not only to guide you to the most photogenic locations, but also assist you in visualizing a scene before capturing the decisive moment. These are half or full day tours, group size is small to give hands-on attention to each participant.

Hong Kong symmetry

Chi Lin Nunnery - Hong Kong

Chi Lin Nunnery is a large Buddhist temple complex in Diamond Hill, Kowloon, Hong Kong. Founded in 1934 as a retreat for Buddhist nuns and rebuilt in the 1990s following the traditional Tang Dynasty architecture. The temple halls have statues of the Sakyamuni Buddha, the goddess of mercy Guanyin statues are made from gold, clay, wood and stone. The gardens are sumptous and calming against the backdrop of high-rise residential Hong Kong. I took this (and a lot of other photos on my visit in January this year) I really liked Hong Kong.

home staging ...

Le marché de l'immobilier s'est durci ces dernières années. Il y a aujourd'hui 4 acquéreurs pour 5 vendeurs en ville et 1 acquéreur pour 2 vendeurs en zone rurale. Aussi, pour vendre dans les meilleures conditions, il est devenu nécessaire de préparer son bien à la vente pour que l'acquéreur ait envie de votre logement plutôt qu'un autre.

Le home staging est souvent associé à la simple décoration intérieure et à la réalisation de travaux. Ainsi, le home staging signifie souvent dépenser beaucoup d'argent pour vendre. Or, c'est une image erronée de ce métier. Un home staging efficace, c'est faire le mieux avec le moins. Eviter les travaux, valoriser les volumes, la luminosité et la circulation dans l'espace, dépersonnaliser et harmoniser l'ensemble : voici quelques-unes des missions concrètes du home stagist.


Le home stagist s'attache également, en partenariat avec un agent immobilier, à présenter le bien au prix du marché, c'est-à-dire à un prix qui suscite l'intérêt d'acheteurs potentiels. C'est pour cela que vous avez besoin d'un bon photographe avec un bon oeil pour le détail.


Ici - projet à Marseille - Chris Curtis Photography 2017.

Are you looking for a photographer for your wedding in Provence ?

France is diverse & multi-faceted, with lush vineyards and cozy villages giving way to dazzling Mediterranean beaches and world-class cities. And with a history dating back to the middle ages, it’s impossible to miss the numberless icons. Whether you care to drink champagne in an ancient cellar or visit a château, the legendary romance and storied history of France never feels trite. It rolls rather effortlessly into everyday life. Village bakers here really do craft their baguettes by hand every morning, shoes are made by artisans, and dinners are leisurely, pleasurable affairs. It’s this thoughtfulness and sense of tradition, when pushed against modern France that makes a visit so spellbinding. France is incomplete without the star power of its effortlessly cool and romantic capital, Paris or for that matter Provence, so if your planning your wedding - get in touch.


Burj Khalifa ...

Motorcycle man

de Nîmes ...

Maison Carrée

The Maison Carrée in the center of Nîmes was built in 16 BC by Marcus Vipsanius Agrippa, the original patron of Rome's Pantheon. One of the best preserved temples anywhere in Rome's former empire of Roman Provence. The Maison Carrée was dedicated to Gaius Julius Caesar and Lucius Caesar, Marcus Agrippa's two sons and the adopted heirs of Augustus. The original inscription dedicating the temple to Gaius and Lucius was removed in Medieval times, but reconstructed in 1758, reading: "To Gaius Caesar, son of Augustus, Consul; to Lucius Caesar, son of Augustus, Consul designate; to the princes of youth."


The temple owes its preservation to the fact that it was rededicated as a Christian church in the fourth century, saving it from the widespread destruction of temples that followed the adoption of Christianity as Rome's official state religion. It subsequently became a meeting hall for Nîme's consuls, a canon's house, a stable during the French Revolution and a storehouse for the city archives. It became a museum after 1823.

Street scene

Little India - Singapore is a buzzing historic area of the old city that shows off the Indian communities colourful, vibrant culture. It's a mix of everything from Hindu and Chinese temples, mosques and churches. It has a real bohemian buzz to it. Visiting early new year, I missed the traditional Pongal festival. In the 1840's the area was populated by Europeans mainly for the racecourse nearby and then for cattle trading by the Indians who in turn hired Indian migrant workers then moving in and soon after 'Little India' was born. It's a mix of South Indian vegetarian food, North India tandoori dishes, electronics stores, goldsmith shops and sari stores.



Singapore street food

Smartphones have opened up the world to everyone to snap away and take pictures. I have to admit I'm not really a phone-picture-taker nor for that matter am I part of the growing band of street photographers. That said I like taking pictures, so the street or rather the outside presents a great resource.


Last month whilst visiting Singapore I managed to catch this guy working in the heat and humidity cooking in one of the many street food markets. He was in a haze of steam and I just snapped it. Lucky shot I think.


Over the coming months I'm planning to show on this page a small selection of photos that I consider to be interesting images. By themselves, just snapping people in the street can be and often is, just that. Street photography is more and it has to be much more than just images of people in the street and in any situation - that's just an image, nice or not. That's not the point.


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*now on tripadvisor ...

photograpy workshops  now featured on tripadvisor

Photography workshops in marseille & provence

Si vous aimez voyager et la photographie, passé une demi-journée ou une journée entière à explorer cette ville et la région avec moi.


More itineries are being added this month, including a selection of half and full day visits. some offering lunch inclusive packages.


These workshops are suitable for 6-8 people maximum and a great team-building opportunity for corporate clients as well as a great individual day out.

Itinery 1 - discover the oldest city of france

Part-day photographic tour with up to six people to improve your photographic skills and have fun taking pictures whilst looking for new angles and interesting accents in this colourful Mediterranean city. The tour begins in Le Panier, the old town, taking in the Provencale Gardens of Fort St Jean, the cathedral de la Major, Les Voûtes and the portside terraces of the MuCEM and Villa Méditerranée. All you need is a camera and comfortable shoes.


Timings to suit, normally a half day from around 9.00am till half twelve or from 2.00pm till around half five. The cost is from just 35€ per person excluding refreshments.

Itinery 2 - explore even more of the city

This is a full day excursion covering the exact same areas in the morning but also takes in the Old Port area before heading off to La Bonne Mère, the cities impressive Cathedral that dominates the skyline and provides spectacular views over the entire city, from the mountains and across the bay area itself. Afterwards, time permitting we head over to visit La Cité Radieuse - the iconic World Heritage Site, Le Corbusier building. This is a spectacular day out providing an insight into our cities past history up to the present day and along the way you'll visit some of the best vantage points to push your photographic creativity, compose and take great pictures.


This is a full day tour with a maximum of 3-6 people. It includes pick-up from your hotel, transportation, lunch with a glass of wine. Timings are flexible, but to get the best advantage of the light and the day itself, I'd suggest we start around 9.00am finishing up around half five.



Itinery 3 - Château la coste & aix-en-provence

This is a full day visit to explore the gardens and artworks featured in Château La Coste, a vinyard where good wine, excellent art and amazing architecture live in harmony in the beauty that is Provence. You have the option to enjoy a lunchbreak at the Tadao Ando restaurant before continuing onto Aix-en-Provence, a town once described as a 'pocket of left-bank Parisian chic deep in Provence.' Leafy boulevards & elegant public squares lined in 17th & 18th century mansions - Aix is a photographers paradise on all levels.


This is a great day out if your visiting the region. Tariff - 195€ per person, maximum of 6-8 people. Price per person includes lunch with a glass of wine, pick-up and drop off from your hotel in Marseille or Aix-en-Provence.

Singapore sling ...

from My recent travels Around The World - i really could do this full time ...

"There isn’t anywhere else on Earth where people confluence like the way they do in Singapore. From visitors and transients to Singaporeans and all it's citizens, this is a progressive island and the gateway to South East Asia -  it's a dynamic mix of cultures, ideas and histories neither ethnic nor exotic. In Singapore you experience the essence of modern Asia - sparklingly savvy, with a touch of 'British colonial' old school. The first-time visitor should expect to be surprised, confused and charmed."


It’s hard to miss the sprawling 101-hectare site right by the water at Marina Bay. Two large futuristic structures rise out of the greenery at Gardens by the Bay designed with environmental sustainability in mind. These are the Flower Dome and the Cloud Forest cooled conservatories, and are the world’s largest columnless greenhouse. The freestanding unsupported glass roofs enclose expansive spaces unmarred by any pillar or column. And besides ultra-modern design, the conservatories also use cutting-edge technologies for better energy efficiency.


The Flower Dome replicates the cool-dry climate of regions like California and South Africa, and boasts more than 32,000 plants comprising some 160 species, cultivars and varieties. Not to be missed though is the cool, misty Cloud Forest Dome, with its 35-metre-tall “Cloud Mountain”, covered in orchids, ferns and bromeliads containing the world’s largest indoor waterfall.


Singapore is an amazing city, it's a vibrant and relatively a young city. Best viewed after sunset from any one of the spectacular high-rise towers and preferably with a cocktail in your hand!

Marina sands Bay

The Marina Bay Sands hotel is a bizaar structure of three tall curved towers linked at the top by a panoramic curved structure resembling a boat, housing the hotel's pool, restaurant and bar.


Fortunate to spend a week there over the New Year with a group of friends and ex-pats. It was a good opportunity to try taking selfies with a rather expensive Canon EOS camera, but it worked!