23 October 2018
Suivez-nous en ligne, GAGNEZ une session photo et reparter avec votre portrait! Suivez-nous sur Facebook et Instagram pour GAGNER une séance photo, prise de portrait d'une valeur de 150€ sur Marseille ou Aix-en-Provence. Les cartes-cadeaux seront distribuées mensuellement! What are you waiting for?

23 October 2018
Vous allez peut-être avoir besoin d'un photographe pour un aprèes-midi, un soir pour un événement d'entreprise, une présentation professionnelle, un cocktail ou bien un dîner. Les fêtes arrivent à grands pas et vous voulez avoir rapidement des photos de vos produits ou services pour vos mailings de fin d'année. Chris Curtis photographe - photographie commerciale pour événements et présentations professionnelles, prises de vue de produits pour boutiques, hôtels et restaurants, des...

16 October 2018
Paris Photo is the largest international art fair dedicated to the photographic medium and is held each November at the historic Grand Palais in Paris. Since 1997, the Fair’s mission is to promote and nurture photographic creation and the galleries, publishers and artists at its source. Paris Photo brings together up to 200 exhibitors from across the world, offering collectors and enthusiasts the most diverse and qualitative presentation of photography-driven projects today. Leading galleries...

19 September 2018
The tram is a new series of street-photography whereby I want to capture people's expression when they know the're being photographed - it's a bit like saying 'who are you staring at?' but I also want to capture people when they are not aware of the camera as I hope to find a story within their thoughts, sitting on a train, a bus, a tram or just waiting on the street.

19 September 2018
Since I was a small child, I've always been fascinated by trains - I can't remember though ever going on the train touristique.

12 September 2018
In a vain effort to make a drink of 'pastis' much more palatable, I once said to the server in a local bar “I’ll have it with Perier svp”. I would not recommend you try it. Not because it doesn't improve the drink (in my opinion it did/does), but because it's just not how it’s done. No reason given except to understand - it's just like that.

11 September 2018
To coincide with Les Rencontres d’Arles 2019, The British Journal of Photography are inviting photographers to be part of a groundbreaking new awards series. Opening up the walls of an internationally renowned gallery in Arles, looking for images that respond to the theme 'Home & Away’ - images that capture a sense of belonging, escapism or identity. 50 successful images will be part of a month-long exhibition at Galerie Huit Arles, a remarkable 17th century mansion and gallery space...

05 September 2018
Le Panier needs to evolve at a much faster pace to shake off its 'Wild Wild West' image as well as drop the French connection in favour of making it a part of the city we can be proud of. Le Panier is not going down - its just never really come up. We should stop revelling in it's poverty and look towards change and its prosperity.

24 August 2018
And here in fact to celebrate is one lost/bemused cruise ship passenger being shown around Aix-en-Provence just after a visit (he thinks) to Venice where he bought the hat and a matching polo shirt. I was not too sure if he knew which part of the five day itinerary to twenty-one Mediterranean countries he was on, or what time the bus left to get him back to the ship. I didn't think he came on the Harley Davidson, but you never can tell.

01 July 2018
Cet été, profitez de votre visite à Marseille et Aix-en-Provence pour faire quelque chose un peu différent et ne pas suivre la foule. De plus en plus de nos clients apprécient le fait que nous offrons des visites en petits groupes et des activités qui combinent des visites dans la région avec un peu d'histoires, de nouveautés allant de l'art à la dégustation de vins en Provence.

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